How to cure cold & cough allergies

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how to cure cold & cough allergies

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These chemicals swell your nose and make more mucuswhich can set off a cough. Swallow some honey. It soothes the scratchiness in the back of your throat. One study found that honey works just as well as over-the-counter drugs for calming nighttime coughs. Take a tablespoon as needed, or stir it into a cre drink.

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Sip a hot drink. Research shows that it can ease cold symptomsincluding a cough. The liquids are hydrating, and the heat helps to lower congestion.

how to cure cold & cough allergies

Brew some calming chamomile tea. Ginger tea is another good choice. The spicy root may help relax the smooth muscles in your airways. Steep chopped ginger in boiling water for minutes and discard before sipping.

2. What are your symptoms?

Clear irritants from your home. Some people are sensitive to perfumes and fragrances in laundry detergents and air fresheners. That may irritate the sinuses and up mucus production, which sets the stage for hacking. If you have allergiescleaning away mold clld, dust, and pollen may help. You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.

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Allergy-related coughs might be triggered by irritation in your airways caused by an inappropriate or overly sensitive immune response to a relatively harmless particle like pollenwhile cold- or flu-related inflammation is caused by a viral infection. Allergy-related coughing might start in response to a change in the season if an allergen is present in some weather conditions but not others.

You might also notice more coughing in some settings but not others. For example, you might feel fine at the office, but start coughing at allerhies due to allergens in your home like animal dander or smoke.

Allergy-related cur might affect you cyre weeks or even months at a time, and your symptoms might vary in intensity from one day to the next.

Dec 18,  · Indoor or outdoor, seasonal or year-round, all types of allergies can potentially cause constant coughing. Along with a runny nose, sneezing and watery and itchy eyes, allergic cough can be disruptive and annoying. Coughing associated with allergies is often caused by postnasal drip, when mucus from your nose runs down the back of the throat. Both allergies and colds may cause a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, a cough, and fatigue. Itchy eyes, post-nasal drip, and dark circles under your eyes are more common with allergies. Symptoms more commonly caused by a virus include sore throat, cloudy or discolored nasal discharge, fever, and general aches and pains. It’s best to stop a cough by treating the underlying cause, whether it’s a cold, allergies, acid reflux, or blood pressure drugs or other medications. But you also can try some home remedies Author: Sharon Liao.

If your coughing is caused by a cold coigh flu, your symptoms will likely come on fiercely over the course of a few days, then gradually taper off as you get better.

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    Coughing is a normal and healthy reflex. It helps your body clear your airways of mucus , smoke, and other irritants. But constant coughing can take a toll.

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    Dry coughs might be annoying and disruptive, but they can have a few common underlying causes — mainly allergies also called allergic rhinitis , cold or flu. That lung-brain communication stays the same, no matter what caused your cough. Allergy-related coughs might be triggered by irritation in your airways caused by an inappropriate or overly sensitive immune response to a relatively harmless particle like pollen , while cold- or flu-related inflammation is caused by a viral infection.

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    Understanding the cause of your symptoms helps you choose the right treatment. It also gives you a better picture of your overall health. If you remember being around someone who had an upper respiratory infection a few days before you started feeling ill, you may have caught a viral infection.

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