What can i do about my shiba allergies

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what can i do about my shiba allergies

This article summarizes each method, and presents their pros and cons. Based on this, we can decide what to feed our dog, based on his lifestyle and preferences. When considering which kibble to feed our dog, it is important to keep these things in mind —. A good rule of thumb to distinguish the major components of a food is to look for the first named source of fat in the ingredient list. Anything listed before that, and including it, make up the main portion of the food, other items are present in much smaller amounts to add flavor, function as preservatives or because of their dietary benefits e. I have done a fair amount of research into dry dog food, because both my dogs have sensitive digestive systems. My Shiba Inu is allergic to wheat, and my Siberian Husky is allergic to most types of grains wheat, corn, oatsas well as some types of fish.
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  • Step 4: Avoid irritants. You may have seen onion or allergiss tablets marketed for pet flea relief, but they can be toxic to dogs and cats. Skip essential oils and products that contain them, too. Healthy Pets Feature Stories. Plenty of things can help. Dogs usually have it near their back legs, stomach, or tail area.

    Allergies - The Shiba Inu Forum

    Cats are more likely to have it near their neck and face. Hair loss, especially in areas where the bites happened Small red or pink raised bumps that may look like pimples Constant itching, biting, clawing, or grooming Help Your Pet Get Relief This isn't a one-and-done kind of thing. It's a process. Continued You may also consider using flea spray on your carpets and upholstered furniture.

    You may have heard that human antihistamines can treat pet allergies. Maybe, but probably not.

    what can i do about my shiba allergies

    Get Fetch in your inbox Veterinarian-approved information to keep your pet healthy and happy. None of the Shibas I've heard of have rivaled our family's Westie allregies allergies.

    In fact, that's one of the reasons that I was researching dogs other than Westies for our first pet. The breed, for some reason, is extremely prone to allergies, particularly skin allergies - which tend to manifest in skin irritation, hair loss, and itching.

    For about years, our Westie actually had little or no hair due to all her itching - and this was with medications and a special diet. She actually only improved once my mom started home-cooking for her: ground pork, rice, carrots and green beans with supplements. We asked our breeder about allergies he's encountered with his Shibas. You might want to look into supplementing his diet with some allerfies treats or other treats supplemented with Omega-3 oils rather ny just using salmon oil.

    And as for coat blowing Right now, Hamlet is blowing coat and my husband had to stop mid-walk to pull fuzz from his butt "so he doesn't look like he has some strange disease". Bootz November Totw is coming out with a puppy version of their pacific stream, fish based grain free dog food. Should be out soon, since they said mid November. It helps them stay interested, and its nice to see them get excited with new food.

    Hey, I know this is an old thread but, Does anyone's shiba sneeze as an allergic reaction??? I was transitioning evie to blue wilderness salmon and she started sneezing multiple sneezes in succession doo a lot of occurrences, so much that she got nosebleeds and was scratching her nose raw.

    The sneezing slowed down a couple days after I switched her back to her old food, and now it has stopped. There were no other signs, stool ddo fine, no hair loss, skin looked good, no scratching or chewing at her acn I was thinking maybe pollen or grass, but she eo outside now and doesn't sneeze I don't think I've heard of a shiba alleriges to salmon nor one with sneezing as the symptom.

    Does anyone have a similar situation or other speculations? StaticNfuzz July Yes most certainly what ehat dogs that are allergic to Salmon and salmon oil, fish and fish oils. What a dog is allergic to can vary greatly across the board even in allergies same household.

    Yep, unfortunately allergic reactions are shib to the specific animal. There are some things that seem to have a greater influence in causation say grasses, pollen, mold and dust mites or particular food stuffs but it isn't necessarily the same fixed across all dogs in a breed.

    I know great answer, not something that I wanted to hear in treating my dogs. Anyway, as a result each owner has to work the issue out vo each animal, and if you are as unlucky as we avout been it has required getting down to wgat nitty gritty with the help of a veterinary dermatologist.

    Sneezing can can a sign but it is generally not the only sign, from what I have observed inverted sneezing is more common in the allergic dog. Hope this helps to answer part of your question Snf. Shiba should be my very first step in determining a cause of allergies? Mitsu is about two and a half years old and has never shown signs of allergies. Then, about a month and a half ago, she started chewing at her paws more frequently.

    I thought at first it was because she upset a few ants one day and that they had possibly bitten her as a result, but it's only gotten worse. I'm thinking it's allergies, because I've seen this with my dalmatian. With my dalmatian, though, we are able to control his seasonal allergies with claritin.

    I called my old vet, who is now far away from me, to get her opinion and she told me I could try half a claritin with Mitsu. Well, it isn't making any difference at all. Her ONLY symptom is the itching. No sneezing, no gastrointestinal problems, etc. She shiba had any fur loss, but yesterday I noticed that her paws are starting to allergies irritated. She eats a raw diet based primarily on chicken and turkey, and all her treats can grain free and varied proteins, allergles lamb and beef what deer.

    I'm going to take Mitsu to the vet, but the problem I have is that I can't take her to the vet until my next day off Oct. There's a clinic that I can go to on Saturday that I'm considering doing, because it's a walk-in clinic, but they myy know anything about Mitsu so it'd be kind of a random visit. Pretty sure I'm going to do that, but I'm worried that they'll be like, "Just take this! Is it best to stop giving her ALL treats and maybe feed her one protein only, like rabbit or lamb or something?

    Abouf don't really know where to start figuring out what is causing this. I haven't been on the forum much because I've been really busy with classes now we have both rally and agility, plus socialization classes for our newest addition and such, but I thought About would update this real quick to say that my vet doesn't think it's food-related. We're trying a new prescription allergy med and she also recommended wiping off Mitsu's feet with a baby wipe when she comes in from outside.

    This blog gave me some information to work with. Second my vet tells me I doyle only feed him lamb because of the sensitive stomach they havebut blue wilderness salmon, or turkey caught my eye would it be ok xbout feed him that.

    Hello Javier, I usually keep my Sibes on puppy food until they are about 8 months old. My breeder says that she keeps cann about puppy food until they are about 1 year old. Sibes do have pretty sensitive stomachs. Ahat depends on the individual Sibe what ingredients czn may be allergic to.

    When Your Dog or Cat Has a Flea Allergy

    In general, I would stay away from grains such as wheat, corn, and soy. Their listed ingredient list also looks good and it is grain free. The Blue Wilderness puppy food mostly contains Chicken and Turkey, so if puppy is doing well on it, I would go with one of those two when switching to the adult formula.

    One of my Sibes, Shania, is allergic to salmon.

    However, each Sibe is different. He is on regular blue buffalo puppy not wilderness. So I guess but your comment it depends? Yeah, when it comes to food allergies, each dog is slightly different. You could try switching brands, but I think it is better to try out Blue Wilderness first and see how it goes. Solid Gold has a Lamb adult formula, but frankly, I like the Blue Wilderness ingredient list much better. One thing that helped with her is switching over to a totally bland diet.

    I did that for a few days and the diarrhea stopped. If the dog is allergic to poultry, then a different type of meat can also be used. Then I slowly reintroduced back her regular food in quarters. This helped me determine what exactly caused her ym, which turned out to be the wet food we were feeding her.

    Another thing I discovered that was causing her problems was feeding her too much in a short amount of time. Overfeeding can also cause puppies to get allefgies. Should i move her treats where she cant see them? Hello Cynthia, Sorry for the late reply.

    All Kinds of Known Shiba Allergies - The Shiba Inu Forum

    I just got a Sibe puppy last weekend and have been busy keeping the little ball of nuclear energy in check. LOL Shiba mind trick — I like that!

    Yeah Sephy definitely did Shiba mind tricks on me when he was younger. He still tries today, but I have now developed a good resistance to it. Like Sasha, puppy Sephy would refuse to eat his kibble, and only eat the good stuff. When mixed together, he would pick out the good stuff and refuse to eat the kibble.

    I did all sorts of things to get him to eat, including grinding up his kibble and then mixing it into some wet food. That worked for a while but invariably, he went back to playing hard to get.

    Switching to fixed meal times really helps. Shibas are abuot but they will eat if they are really what. With fixed meal times, Sephy now works for his kibble. Once eating kibble becomes a routine, Shiba will be less likely to try this particular mind game. That may help. I know that Sephy becomes more obsessive when he can see something. I usually move stuff so that Sephy is not tempted to try and jump up on counters. However, it will can not have too much of an effect on begging.

    Different owners allergies different beg rules and restrictions. For example, I am fine with begging, as long as they do it nicely, e. Sit, no jumping, no biting, can. Also no temper tantrums if I choose to ignore them. I o discourage begging when Shiba am having dinner.

    Nowadays, he just goes shiba his bed on his own during meal-times. Thankfully, the breeder had him acclimated to handling when we picked him up. We got his collar today and putting it on him was a complete non-event once again thanks to the breeder.

    The leash, on the other hand, about started biting within seconds. By the end of the week, I may be crying about him — but the first two days have been pretty good. With my Shiba he had the runs pretty allergiez as soon as we got him. Allergies a waht days, things got a lot better. His kibble contained what, so I got a new puppy kibble for him that was wheat free and he allergies good abouut that. Later on, what I took him to puppy class, he got some Natural Balance food rolls from one of the trainers.

    He loves those treats but he started to get the runs again. After checking out the ingredient list, I discovered that the Natural Balance food rolls contained wheat.

    I about through a similar process with my Siberian. She was good xo a puppy, but when I switched her from puppy to adult food, she started getting the runs and I about that whiba key ingredient in the adult kibble that was not qbout her puppy kibble was oats, so it was probably the culprit. After Shibz switched kibble brands, to a grain free kibbble, she was good. It seems to work well for them. Thanks for the info! Hopefully he gets the hint quickly that he needs to eat the food when I give it to him.

    Guess I have to be strong! The only way he seems to voluntarily eat is if I throw a couple pieces of kibble on the floor and start of pseudo game of fetch.

    Can is new, very new maybe a week or so. Any tips or advice or ideas? Thanks as always!

    Shiba Inu Food Allergies - My First Shiba Inu

    I started by adding in wet about — which worked for a while, then he would just shiba out the wet food. I tried adding cheese, bacon, etc. Finally, I switched to a high protein kibble brand and just set up a strict schedule for him. I would put allergies kibble out for him.

    Even now, he will sometimes skip a day of eating to clear his system. Based on my observations, a day is the most time he will go without eating. Finally, when Sephy is hungry because he scorned his kibblehe will sometimes come over to beg from me with his little Shiba whining. I ignore him when he does that — he only gets dessert after he finishes his regular meal. Lovely shiba of your dogs! For a fantastic low mess, low worry raw diet try Natures Variety.

    It is a pre-formulated raw diet offered in proteins such as organic chicken, beef, lamb, venison, and rabbit. Just cleanse your utensils and bowls afterward and theres no worry, no fuss. I defrost allergies worth at a time by putting frozen patties into glass tupperware and put it in the fridge, pulling out what I need at that feeding. I have been incorporating this diet with EVO or Orijen, and green tripe greentripe. I have a 14 year old 65 lb girl thats doing fantastic and all 6 of my dogs have never had to have their teeth cleaned!

    Do your what, give it a shot. Your dogs will be as close to possible to their ancestral diet, their body will function beautifully and they will be happy. Yeah I stopped feeding rice to my dogs because it was too sticky and may be bad for their dental health. Thanks for the article Toni. It has a lot of good information about dog nutrition. The Can Food Project is also a great place to get good information on dog feeding.

    MsoNormal, li. MsoNormal, div. You should check out my hubs. I have read what things, but several vets have told me not to give them any bones, especially chicken bones because they have sharp edges. Maybe the vets have to be more careful about what they say, in case about happens; but it still makes me can hesitant.

    Jul 09,  · There is an shampoo out there that can reduce allergic reactions in people. If a dog is on a high quality diet, and with grooming every day would also help; I would say it would depend on each. Fleabites make most pets itch. But some dogs and cats are allergic to the pests. Your doctor may call this flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) or fleabite hypersensitivity. If your pet has a flea allergy, “even one or two fleabites can make your pet miserable,” says Carol Osborne, a veterinarian at Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center in Chagrin Falls, OH. Determining If Your Shiba Inu Has A True Food Allergy. Food allergies in dogs account for roughly 10% of all allergies in dogs – meaning that 1 out of every 10 dogs who suffer from allergies have food allergies – the third leading cause of dog allergies after flea bite and atopy / inhalant allergies (dust mites, mold, pollen, etc).

    Interesting about the salmonella; although it is still something that I would worry about. When I composed my B. F diet hubs I saw that it can be very nutritious for dogs to have a raw abouf. Now, I would never do sole raw. Everything that I read said that the chicken bones are much more pliable and easier to eat and digest when raw, which makes them much safe for the allergiex to eat.

    I did consider raw as well, but I can concerned about the bones and possibility of contamination. I currently about or microwave chicken for my pups, and they seem to really enjoy that. I love EVO. Mia gets dry food mixed with can every other day. Some days just can, and others just dry. Royal Canin is horrible. Thank you for recommending both of those as I may have to check those out, but then again you are probably correct I should leave it as is, what I spent thousands of dollars on gettnig him straightened out.

    If your dogs are doing well with a particular kibble, it is usually best not to rock the boat, shiba if they are susceptible to food allergies. Both my dogs have food allergies. My Sibe, especially, is allergic to most grains, and also to fish. I feed both my dogs Allergies EVO kibble.

    2. Wet Dog Food

    It is grain free, and is high in protein which is good for active dogs. Orijen is another good brand. We feed our dogs Royal Canine as my male Cocker has allergies, is there any other types of dogs shibw that you would recommend for dogs with allergies? I think all dogs will always beg for food even when they are not hungry.

    Spot the Signs

    Alkergies dogs are lovely! Thank you, Sheba, for the interesting allerfies for pet owners. There are four primary dog feeding strategies : Dry dog food kibble Wet dog food Homemade dog food Raw diet BARF There is no definitive answer as to which dog feeding method is best. Dry Dog Food Kibble. Kibble can be easily used in interactive toys. Pros Better for dental health because it is less likely to stick on, and stain teeth.

    What to Feed a Dog to Keep Him Healthy and Happy

    Easy to transport and use in whaf obedience training, handling, and dog grooming. Easy to stuff in dog toys. Balanced nutrition for our dog.

    Has good fiber content, resulting in more regular stools. Cons Does not smell or taste as good as the other dog foods. Our dog may not want to eat kibble, and instead try to wha for something better.

    May make our dog thirsty. Therefore, provide free access to water all day long. Cannot be sure about quality of ingredients. There have been a fair number of dog allerrgies recalls on kibble. Wet Dog Food. Pros Tastes good. Will not dehydrate our dog. Cons Difficult to handle and stuff in toys, unless frozen. Difficult to use for training, handling, or grooming.

    what can i do about my shiba allergies

    Not as good for dental health. There have also been some wet food recalls. Pros Very tasty.

    High quality, human grade ingredients. Cons May not have balanced nutrition for our dog. Difficult and dirty to stuff in toys. May be time-consuming to prepare. Homemade, wheat-free, birthday cake for Sephy and Shania. Bones help to clean teeth. Nutrients are not destroyed by cooking. May lead ny better health. Bones can splinter and become a choking hazard or cause intestinal perforations.

    Raw food may carry bacteria like Salmonella and E. Difficult to use in training, or to stuff in food toys. Dog Feeding - Whichever dog feeding strategy you choose, make sure that it has complete and balanced nutrition. Also, do allefgies mix the can food with some water before frozen it or put in Kongs? Do you have any words of wisdom that could possibly help? Thank you, Worried Shiba Mom. There could also be other reasons for dog itchiness. Much love, Denise. Congratulations on your upcoming puppy!

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